Sophia + Mabelle is a simple and universal beauty brand created to fit into any person's beauty collection, no matter what stage of life they might be in. S+M is a brand being shared by a mom and her daughters, or on the vanity of a young boy in makeup. There are no “it girls” who fit into our brand identity, as we want everyone to feel like S+M fits into their beauty routine. With all skin tones and age ranges in mind, we created this beauty brand where anyone can come and find something that will be a staple in their beauty routine. S+M welcomes all walks of life, because beauty should reflect who you are on the inside, not the outside. We are proud to sample our products on persons of all ages, genders, sexualities, and will continue to strive at being an all-inclusive "made for everyBODY" beauty brand. Thank you for supporting our dream.
Love, S+M
More About Us + Our Mission:
We are a progressive brand that holds the importance of social issues at the core of our mission. We love to volunteer our free time with local organizations that are close to our hearts. We hope for a better society and ultimately a better world. We are also working hard to join brick and mortar stores and are hoping to be storefront by 2023. We’d love to hear more about charities and foundations that mean something to our customers. If you have a charity close to your heart, please email our customer care team at beauty@sophiamabelle.com as we are constantly striving to expand and give back.
Our products and ingredients are never tested on animals.